For Agencies

eNetOffice for Agencies uses the same reliable, easy-to-use website creation service to provide additional functionality for small, medium, or large enterprises. There are several benefits to upgrading to an agency account.

First, an agency account opens the doors for increased revenue. The agency platform allows you to help business clients create or change templates on their own sites. This will give you an additional service that you can provide to your clients, which could mean more income. You will receive commission for each new client.

Agencies will get the same great features as client users. As an eNetOffice client, you can expect a number of services, including:


The eNetOffice dashboard navigation system makes it easy for users to create a visually stunning website.


There are hundreds of templates designed by professionals and new templates are added every day.

Time Saving

Because eNetOffice is simple to use, your website can be completed quickly, which means you can get back to your business.

Subdomain Hosting

As we administer the site and store your data, you have no need to hire a network manager.


Your products and business change, so our interface makes it easy to update your site, add and remove promotions, and add and remove products.

Free First Month

We are so confident that you will love our service that we give you the first month free, so you can try us.

Linking Domains

Agencies have the ability to link their current domain to their eNetOffice subdomain, so information from an old website can be seamlessly connected to an agency’s eNetOffice site.

Client Communication

Communication is easier with an agency account, too. Agencies can exchange online text messages with their customers.

Registration Process
  • Agencies will register at the Partner Registration. Here, you will fill out a request form and return it to us. We will then send you an Agency Agreement.
  • When you register, you will be given a unique agency code. When you are ready to add new users, you will need to provide them with this code.
  • Follow the user-friendly “How Can I Start?” button to build your website. Please note, you can change your site at any time using the buttons on the Dashboard.
  • You will use the “Open Admin Area” button to manage (create, edit, and delete) your clients. This area also has a detailed search function that helps you find or filter your members.
  • Finally, be sure to fill out your “Agency Description” as this will allow you to advertise and share special information with your business clients.